UN Report Broadband Access is “The Missing Piece” in Global Education

Internet symbol on a wooden cube on a computer keyboard.

Information technology is rapidly becoming the most promising tool for accelerating global educational development. A recent UN report, Technology, Broadband, and Education: Advancing the Education for All Agenda, argues that access to integrative, broadband technologies can enable students to develop their digital skills and ultimately enhance their prospects for education and employment. “A student in […]

Cisco Provides New Platform for Education in India

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Cisco Systems, Inc. has produced hardware known as the Cisco Education Enabled Development (CEED 2700) for Indian educators and students. It will provide two-way video communication for teachers in India to reach students miles away, using Wi-Fi. According to Aravind Sitaraman, President of Inclusive Growth, Cisco Systems, CEED will transform education so that the under-privileged […]

Laos Students Found with Fake Diplomas


According to the Bangkok Post, the Lao Ministry of Education and Sports (MoE) discovered that 100 students had fake secondary school diplomas. The fraud was uncovered by officials who conducted a random inspection at five private colleges in Vientiane. Many of the faux diploma holders took drastic measures to gain college entry after failing final […]

Brazil Needs More English Teachers – Abril Educação Acquires Wise Up

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As Brazil’s economy grows stronger, its need for more English speakers increases. Abril Educação, one of Brazil’s biggest publishers and an education company that teaches primary and secondary school courses, is capitalizing on this need by increasing its involvement in companies teaching ESL. Very recently, Abril Educação acquired Wise Up, a Brazilian ESL company, for […]

Seven Nepali Women Climb Mount Kilimanjaro for Girls’ Education

Snow on top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Amboseli

Seven young Nepali women have taken on the challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to promote education for girls, along with women’s rights. These women are trying to climb all seven of the world’s highest mountains, having already defeated Mount Everest, Mount Kosciuszko, and Mount Elbrus. Supported by the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), Child […]

Lunches for Learning in Honduras


In Honduras, Lunches For Learning or L4L works actively to alleviate rural poverty. It is a non-profit organization that funds not only school supplies, construction of buildings, and community kitchens for mothers to cook, but also encourages and helps children to attend school. In February, the Royal Oak Community UMC partnered with L4L and raised […]

Iran Women with Higher Education Have Harder Time Finding Employment

Happy Muslim women walking in the city center

A recent report by the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) showed that almost 48 percent of unemployed Iranian women have a higher education certificate. This is in comparison to the 14 percent of unemployed men. While unemployment is still high in Iran, the rates have gone down in recent years. People most likely to be […]

Nigerian Child Brides Being Denied an Education

Back to school despite the rain in eastern Nigeria

Increasingly more girls in Nigeria are finding themselves getting married as early as twelve years old. Not only are they becoming child brides, but they are being forced to drop out of school. At a young age, these girls are robbed of an education, and an opportunity to gain vocational and life skills. Also, by […]

SEE Universities Get Ranked


Webometrics (Ranking of World Universities), the largest academic ranking of higher education institutions, released a new list of the best universities and business schools in the world. The ranking system is based on universities’ volume of their web contents and the visibility and impact of these web publications according to the number of external links […]

United World Colleges Offer Scholarship to Lucky Laotian

National flag of Laos

The United World Colleges (UWC) National Committee for the Lao PDR invites young Lao students to apply for a full scholarship to study the International Baccalaureate (IB) two-year curriculum at the UWC of South East Asia, Singapore. Although the teaching language in Singapore is English, there is no English language requirement to apply. Applications are […]