Papua New Guinea Teacher’s Union Doubts Free Education Program

National flag of Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea, tuition fees hold many parents back from providing for their children’s education. As a result, nearly a quarter of school-aged children receive no formal education. Addressing this issue, the government recently allocated 238 million kinas (USD 112 million) to PNG’s free education program. Covering all student fees up to grade 10, […]

Taipei Students Protest Against New Univerisity Fee Decision

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Recently, a decision has been passed to give universities in Taipei the right to raise tuition fees for their graduate programs. In response, students took to the streets in protest outside the Ministry of Education in Taipei. Students worry that universities will use this flexibility to unfairly raise tuitions too high. One student expressed her […]

West London School Provides Extra Tuition for Political Refugees

Geography teacher shows two schoolgirls on a globe, individual tuition, elective

On the outskirts of West London, a small group of dedicated practitioners has created a multi-story educational complex tailored towards helping political refugees. Owl Education, situated in Southall, was founded in 1987 due to the fact that many of greater London’s current inhabitants have suffered educational setbacks. Owl, therefore, offers extra tutoring to the children […]

Microsoft Kick Starts Virtual Education Initiative in Africa

Empty school hall with blue lockers during coronavirus pandemic. E-learning & virtual education time

The American internet giant Microsoft has recently launched a new initiative aimed at educating African citizens through the use of low-cost, specially designed smartphones. The world’s largest web provider plans to equip the inhabitants of Egypt, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Angola, and Kenya with a broadband infrastructure that will enhance educational productivity and boost African business. […]