Indonesia State Universities Lower School Fees

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According to reports, Indonesian state universities will forgo initial fees for new students at the start of the 2013 academic year. Schools are to receive twice the amount of State University Operational Assistance Funds (BOPTN) from the government to recompense for revenue losses. Jekson, Gema, Dicky, Tamara, Dennise…In addition, the Education and Culture Ministry has […]

Human Rights Panel Discusses the Significance of Education

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The relevance of education in the post-2015 development debate was fiercely asserted by UNESCO director-general Irina Bokova during the Human Rights Panel at the Palais des Nations in Geneva on March 1st, 2013. The panel’s main agenda was to discuss the amount of attention placed on the crucial elements of poverty reduction in relation to […]

Bilingual Education in Honduras: The Success of Mayatan

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While many schools in Honduras offer bilingual education, most of them are reserved for the elites of society. Mayatan is a rural non-profit K-12 school, founded by local mothers, that offers financial assistance to almost half of its student population. It has a very low student-teacher ratio (6-20 children per teacher) that ensures a high […]

In Paraguay, Global Infancia Provides Education and Rights to Children


Global Infancia, or Global Children, was founded in Paraguay in 1995 with the objective of providing children and adolescents their rights as subjects. In the aftermath of the dictatorship of Alfredo Stroessner, Global Children was established to promote and protect the rights of children. Its goals include: Promotion of children and adolescents’ right to educationInstallation […]

Uruguay Contests Racist Language in Dictionary

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Racist expressions have historically characterized many Latin American societies. In Uruguay, some of these expressions hold permanence through the dictionary. Recently, Oscar Gomez, the Vice Minister of Culture and Education, appealed to the Uruguayan Academy of Letters to purge the Dictionary of Uruguayan Spanish of racist expressions, such as “to work as a black man.” […]

South Africa: Talent Report Indicates Future Leadership Issues

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SHL is the world’s leading talent assessor, offering specialized testing which measures talent and its future impact on the nation in question. SHL South Africa has recently published a report which indicates that whilst the country’s talent ratio is currently healthy, serious issues may arise if leaders do not invest enough into education and professional […]

UN Report Broadband Access is “The Missing Piece” in Global Education

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Information technology is rapidly becoming the most promising tool for accelerating global educational development. A recent UN report, Technology, Broadband, and Education: Advancing the Education for All Agenda, argues that access to integrative, broadband technologies can enable students to develop their digital skills and ultimately enhance their prospects for education and employment. “A student in […]

Cisco Provides New Platform for Education in India

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Cisco Systems, Inc. has produced hardware known as the Cisco Education Enabled Development (CEED 2700) for Indian educators and students. It will provide two-way video communication for teachers in India to reach students miles away, using Wi-Fi. According to Aravind Sitaraman, President of Inclusive Growth, Cisco Systems, CEED will transform education so that the under-privileged […]

Laos Students Found with Fake Diplomas


According to the Bangkok Post, the Lao Ministry of Education and Sports (MoE) discovered that 100 students had fake secondary school diplomas. The fraud was uncovered by officials who conducted a random inspection at five private colleges in Vientiane. Many of the faux diploma holders took drastic measures to gain college entry after failing final […]

Brazil Needs More English Teachers – Abril Educação Acquires Wise Up

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As Brazil’s economy grows stronger, its need for more English speakers increases. Abril Educação, one of Brazil’s biggest publishers and an education company that teaches primary and secondary school courses, is capitalizing on this need by increasing its involvement in companies teaching ESL. Very recently, Abril Educação acquired Wise Up, a Brazilian ESL company, for […]